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Ya Basta National Boycott

Ya Basta National Boycott

PHOENIX (By Jon Garrido, Hispanic News) September 9, 1907 — For many in the Hispanic community across the United States, this is a time of high anxiety. 

The debate over immigration, once simmering, is now explosive.

The current wave of anti-immigration sentiment is a dark moment in America’s history paralleling the civil rights movement of the 1960s.

Failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform has led to local laws that imperil the rights of Hispanics.

There has been a long period of warning signs, but now they are impossible to ignore.

Local laws and ordinances are sprouting up across America to make Hispanics feel harassed and discriminated against. One such town is Payson, Arizona. Hispanic News is fighting back with a possible lawsuit if Payson, Arizona does not rescind its racist affidavit requirement.

What is happening today has an adverse impact on all Hispanics not just the undocumented. To the anti-immigration hate bashers, there is no difference between an American Hispanic and an undocumented person — a brown face is a brown face.

If you are an American Hispanic and think this is not your problem then you have your head in the sand. The racism being waged on the undocumented is being waged against all persons with brown faces. When your children are walking home from school or are at the shopping mall, all white people look upon your children as suspect. And this is not just about your children, it is about you being stopped on the highway when the police officer points his flash light in your face and asks, “Let me see your papers.” If you can not prove with an official document you are an American citizen, you will be detained along with your family!

All Hispanics — American Hispanics and the undocumented — must coalesce to “strategically combat” anti-immigration forces.

An alliance of Hispanic organizations must be forged along side a grass roots movement of brown faces to counteract hatred, prejudice and bigotry toward Hispanics everywhere in the United States.

We have growing political power that will make its presence felt in later years, but a strong and growing economic power can be can leveraged now.

Eventually, the United States Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of all immigration court cases addressing if the states and sub governments: counties, cities and towns, have the authority to approve immigration laws.

For a long period of time, this will not hamper states, counties, cities and towns from undertaking laws and ordinances passed to hinder the presence of Hispanics in countless jurisdictions across the land. The list of governments approving immigration laws grows daily; unfortunately, the judicial process for declaring approved laws unconstitutional is burdensome and lengthy.

To date, the United States Supreme Court has ruled numerous times only the United States of America can approve immigration law as stated in constitutional law, the Supremacy Clause of the U. S. Constitution.

That date is far in the future. Until then we are at the mercy of our own destiny and undertakings. It is this interim period of time from today until the U.S. Supreme Court rules that ˇYa Basta! addresses.

ˇYa Basta!

Out of desperation and a feeling of frustration, Hispanics across the United States are taking action to counter the anti-Hispanic bashing taking place in most cities and towns across America. This frustration can be expressed by the utterance: ˇYa Basta! (Enough is Enough!).

These actions are similar to sparks (chispas) igniting all over the United States. When enough chispas take hold they will forge into a fire and ignite as fierce and quick as a prairie fire spreading across America’s Heartland. No one will be able to put out the roaring fire. The fuego is coming.

It will happen but time is of the essence. Migrants are being rounded up and deported. All migrants are being deported including mothers with children born in the United States.

Chispas are important but they are limited in impact when local actions are undertaken as isolated actions; however, for the purpose of illustration — if chispas are thought of as a light bulb dispersing wave lengths of light in all directions to light up a room, the wave lengths are not marching in unison or coordinated like a flashlight beam and as such have wasted energy.

If the waves of light energy are focused by one strategy and campaign, the dispersed wave lengths of light in all directions then becomes an army of wave lengths all marching one behind the other. In my college physics class, I witnessed a laser powerful enough to cut through steel. Today, more importantly, a coordinated national movement can counter act hatred, prejudice and bigotry toward Hispanics everywhere in the United States.

Enough to even lobby the U.S. Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform in 1909 after the 1908 elections.

What is needed is a coordinating mechanism or rather a coordinating organization. This organization is Hispanic News giving birth, sponsoring and coordinating:

The ˇYa Basta! National Boycott.

The chispas are happening in:


A group of women from La Mujer Obrera finished a week long hunger strike Monday. The strike was organized by La Mujer Obrera to call attention to the problems of poverty and hiring discrimination in El Paso.


An example is La Raza’s recent decision to consider pulling the 1908 convention out of Kansas City because of the appointment to the city’s parks board of a member of a militant group opposing immigration reform.


Hispanics Launched an economic boycott and to promote shopping outside the county. On the first day of a one-week boycott called by immigrant groups in Prince William County, county residents said they were shopping elsewhere to send a message that Hispanic immigrants are an important, unified economic force and can’t be intimidated.The boycott is a protest against a resolution, passed unanimously by the Board of County Supervisors in July, to deny many public services to illegal immigrants and empower police and other officials to question immigrants about their legal status and in some cases turn them over to federal immigration authorities.


The denial of government services to America’s undocumented began in Arizona with the passage in November 1904, of Proposition 190. This was the beginning of a movement of denying services to undocumented across the United States. Two years later, Arizona voters in November 1906, approve Proposition 300 requiring documentation as proof of lawful presence in the United States to qualify for in-state tuition and state financial assistance.

An immigrant-rights organization is calling on thousands of workers to stay home this week and not spend money to protest the state’s new employer-sanctions law.

Organizers say the week long work stoppage and economic boycott began on Labor Day is aimed at calling attention to the labor and economic contributions of undocumented immigrants at a time when employers have come under intense pressure in Arizona to stop employing them.

The state’s new employer-sanctions law signed by Governor Napolitano, elected governor by the Hispanic community, has now aligned herself with the most vile state legislator against Hispanics who was the author of Proposition 190. The new law, Napolitano’s Achilles heel on future elections, takes effect January 1 and has the power to revoke business licenses from employers who knowingly hire unauthorized workers.

 The ˇYa Basta! National Boycott

CauseStateCounty/City/TownAll Actions Apply for Each Cause
Identify state that has passed a law denying government services to the undocumented  1. Arizona2. Virginia3.1. Prince William County2.1. Notify all Hispanic and Hispanic organizations not to hold national meetings, conferences, conventions in offending states 2. Boycott all conventions in each state. Protest with picket line all national meetings in each state. 3. Boycott super bowl advertising sponsors* in every state that has adopted anti-Hispanic laws
Identify state that requires undocumented students pay out of state tuition1. Arizona2. Virginia 
Identify state, county, city or town that has passed a law requiring employers to verify citizenship or other for employment1. Arizona1. Hazleton, Pa.2. Carpentersville, Ill.3. Town of Payson, Az.
Identify national and local advertising sponsors of conservative Republican talk radio1. USA2. Phoenix1. Wells Fargo Bank2. Food CityBoycott advertising sponsors of conservative Republican talk radio
Co-Sponsors1. The Blue Dogs of the Democratic Party www.BlueDogs.US2. Latina
  *The 1908 Super Bowl will be held in Arizona. Beginning in 1908 with Arizona and each state thereafter that has approved a law hindering services provided to the undocumented or requiring citizenship verification, ˇYa Basta! will send out notices/press releases prior to the Super Bowl notifying corporations and organizations if they advertise at the Super Bowl, their product or service will be boycotted nationally until racism against Hispanics comes to an end. It is important to repeat, ˇYa Basta! is not boycotting the Super Bowl, only the sponsors. For example, if General Motors (GM) has a Super Bowl commercial on buying the Chevy Chevrolet Colorado truck, do not buy this truck because General Motors indirectly supports defeating immigration reform. Instead of buying a Chevy truck, buy a Ford Ranger. If Ford is also a Super Bowl Sponsor, do not buy a Ford truck, buy a Toyota truck. The same with beer. If Budweiser has a Super Bowl commercial, do not buy Budweiser beer, buy Corona beer. The evening of the Super Bowl, all commercial sponsors of the Super Bowl will be listed here at ˇYa Basta! and the list of Super Bowl sponsors will be emailed across the United States to everyone in our email directory. Add your name to receive the list of Super Bowl sponsors to boycott their product or service and to receive updates on the !Ya Basta! National Boycott. Why is boycotting Super Bowl sponsors important to immigration reform? If not one commercial is advertised during the televised Super Bowl, the Super Bowl will not be televised. If the Superior Bowl is not televised, it will show the USA, American Hispanics and the undocumented want racism toward us to come to an end and American Hispanics and the undocumented want compassionate immigration reform passed in 1909. Hispanic News, Act America and the Blue Dogs of the Democratic Party next summer will invite all Hispanic/Hispanic groups to join together to draft an immigration bill that includes an expanded Dream Act and Ayuda program that will be given to the Congress for passage instead of having Kyl, Hutchinson Bailey, Cornyn, Sessions, McCain, Graham, and other racist United States senators sponsor an immigration bill that does not include a path to citizenship. If the immigration bill had been adopted as these racist senators sponsored, it would have deported all 12 million migrants for jaywalking or spitting on the sidewalk. It was a proposed bill with very strict citizenship provisions loaded with unworkable cruelties. This will not happen again. If it does, the ˇYa Basta! National Boycott continues.The Super Bowl will be held in Arizona on February 3, 1908. This is only 5 days away. ˇYa Basta! has only 5 days to gain support across America. ˇYa Basta! does not ask you to stand outside the Super Bowl carrying a sign. ˇYa Basta! does not want you trying to stop any one from entering the Super Bowl. ˇYa Basta! does not want you protesting out front and arrested because you do not have a permit. ˇYa Basta! from the comfort of your home along with all your friends and relatives, wants you to watch the Super Bowl. The ˇYa Basta! goal is to have no commercial sponsors. More than one Super Bowl may be required. Beginning with the Arizona Super Bowl, Write down the name of every commercial sponsor. Email ˇYa Basta! your list and later that night, ˇYa Basta! will publish the list of sponsors. That night, the boycott begins against every commercial sponsor. Make ˇYa Basta! a success to end racism against all Hispanics and Latinos. Email all your friends and relatives and tell them about ˇYa Basta!. To help you, click the email address Join the Ya Basta National Boycott of the Super Bowl then just add email addresses and click send. ˇYa Basta! is the best way to fight back against racism toward Hispanics/Latinos in America. This is the only way to pressure the Congress in approving immigration reform including the Dream Act.Hispanic News in 1906 started the Ax Kimberly Clark boycott that spread the AxKC boycott across the United States and into Mexico and other Latin American countries. At the height of the AxKC boycott, in addition to visitors from all over the United States, 9,000 visitors per day were coming to Hispanic News from Mexico to learn the latest news on immigration reform and the AxKC boycott.Hispanic News spread the AxKC boycott across the United States and into Mexico by use of a weekly press release sent to all media: television, radio and newspapers. The press releases were purchased by Hispanic News using wire services and the wire services distributed the press releases in English and Spanish through out the United States and Latin America.They were very effective spreading the boycott message. Now Hispanic News will use the same wire services to spread the ˇYa Basta! National Boycott across the United States and into Latin America.Hispanic News needs your financial support to send out a press release every week using the wire services until the Super Bowl on February 3, 1908. The cost for each press release distributed by the wire services to every television and radio station plus newspaper in the United States and Latin America in English and Spanish is $1,100. To make ˇYa Basta! successful to pressure Washington to approve immigration reform requires your support. The Blue Dogs of the Democratic Party is working with Hispanic News to make ˇYa Basta! a success. Blue Dogs is a non profit and will accept your donation and by agreement all donations will be used to pay for press releases. Remember the Super Bowl is only 5 days away. We need to spread the message beginning today.  Become involved                  *Every Hispanic/Hispanic organization in the United States will be asked not to go to states that discriminate to hold conferences or conventions. *Seek co-sponsors with Hispanic/Hispanic organizations, companies, news media and political organizations. *The Blue Dogs are incorporated as a non profit corporation and donations to purchase publicity are now being accepted at www.BlueDogs.US. A marketing public relations campaign is needed to send the message across the United States. *Recommend no work stoppages by migrants. *ˇYa Basta! supports chispas (isolated local efforts) but if all efforts join together in a national protest movement to move immigration reform forward in Washington DC, the ˇYa Basta! National Boycott movement will have a greater impact. *All persons are invited to help expand the above table by sending information to Ya Basta National Boycott.

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