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Will the WSOP Event Be Tougher or Softer Than in Previous Years?

Will The WSOP Event Be Tougher Or Softer
Will The WSOP Event Be Tougher Or Softer

Will the WSOP Event Be Tougher or Softer Than in Previous Years? Everyone expected the 2021 World Series of Poker (WSOP) to be different from past years in a variety of ways. Most European players have been unable to go to Las Vegas owing to a U.S. travel prohibition, and those who have not been immunized against COVID-19 are unable to compete.

Are the fields easier or tougher this year without those two sets of players? Will the WSOP Event Be Tougher or Softer? The best way to answer that question is to seek the advice of individuals who routinely pursue bracelets, which is exactly what we did, beginning with Allen Kessler, who said the series will be the most difficult ever.

Will the WSOP Event Be Tougher or Softer? Players Said

“The fields are harder, just as I expected,” Kessler said in a recent “Chainsaw Report” episode. “I have this belief that folks who don’t get vaccinated, even if there are some pretty excellent players, are typically the more fish sort of players.”

Mike Matusow, a friend of Kessler’s, had a different view on the matter. According to the four-time bracelet winner, the fields are “the same” and “there’s no difference” from past years.

Winners of Multiple Bracelets Speak Out

Robert Mizrachi and Shaun Deeb both have four gold bracelets. They’ve participated in hundreds of World Series of Poker tournaments at all buy-in levels between them. Both agreed that the fields will be weaker in 2021 due to the same factor – the travel prohibition.

Will the WSOP event be tougher or softer? “I believe they’re a lot softer,” Deeb told PokerNews. “There are a lot of professional players in Europe, and many of them didn’t make it; there were no Russians or Australians. For a long time, Americans have been the fish in types of poker.”

Deeb is unquestionably knowledgeable about the level of play at the WSOP. He competes in the most events each year, owns four bracelets, and was named Player of the Year in 2018.

On this point, Mizrachi agrees with Deeb. He thinks that the lack of foreign players softens the playing surfaces.

“There are fewer players, and many European guys aren’t here,” Mizrachi explained. “And the Australian guys, they’re fantastic players, and they’re not here either.” So, yeah, it’s absolutely simpler.”

Point of View

Their point of view about the question will the WSOP event be tougher or softer than previous year. However, It was not shared by the majority. Ami Alibay, for example, had a different point of view.

“I believe the fields are more tougher than they were previously since there are no foreign players,” Alibay claims. “The majority of the players are Americans, and everyone knows that Americans are the world’s second-best players.”

Will the WSOP Event Be Tougher or Softer : the Findings Indicate

It’s evident that the players can’t agree on the difficulty of the 2021 WSOP in comparison to prior years. Another method to address the issue is to examine the outcomes and compare how players performed this year with 2019, 2018, and so on.

Take, for example, Phil Hellmuth. He’s off to his best start in a World Series of Poker at the age of 57. In the first month, the “Poker Brat” had a bracelet (his 16th) and five final table appearances. So, does this imply that the fields will be softer this year?

Deeb, who had a poor start, has recently come on strong, delivering his fifth gold bracelet and putting himself in contention for a further WSOP Player of the Year title.

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