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3 Best Things in Wild Joker Stacks Slot Review 2021

Wild Joker Stacks slot review 2021
Wild Joker Stacks slot review 2021

In this Wild Joker Stacks slot review 2021, Boomerang Studios created this online slot. It’s a low-volatility slot with a 97.78 percent return to player (RTP) and a top win of x28,200. 

There are 259 paylines and 5×3 reels in this slot. Free spins, wild joker multipliers, and the ability to expand the reels are among the features.

Due to its unfixed reels, Wild Joker Stacks stands out among online slots. Players can change the size of the reels up to 5×5, giving them additional chances to win. Wilds can also be customized, with the size of the wild multiplier adjustable before each spin.

Wild Joker Stacks Slot Review 2021

Wild Joker Stacks, as you can see, deviates from the usual pattern in a number of ways. The symbols, on the other hand, are more familiar, and if you’ve played fruit machine slots before, you’ll recognize them right away.

The highest paying symbols are the fortunate number 7, a golden bell, and some cherries. They appear with a variety of fruits and bar symbols on the reels. Free spins are awarded by a diamond bonus symbol, and exceptional wilds with multipliers can significantly increase your winnings.

There are up to 259 paylines available, and the Connecta Ways technology gives you even more opportunities to win. To construct winning combinations, symbols merely need to contact, which offers up a world of possibilities.

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1. The Theme, Graphic, and Music

Although Wild Joker Stacks has a number of creative gaming features, it nevertheless has a classic slot theme. All of the traditional fruit machine symbols are there and proper.

The purple and gold color scheme gives this slot a luxurious feel, and symbols like the golden bell are especially lavish. Symbols shimmer with a gentle golden light around the borders, making them appear even more sumptuous.

The only problem we have is with the music. Although the laid-back tune fits the overall style, the loop is far too short, and the music can get repetitive if played for a lengthy period of time.

2. How to Play Wild Joker Stacks? 

This simple instruction has been put together to help you with your first few spins.

After the game has loaded, hit the ‘i’ button to access the main menu. You may view the paytable, read about the game regulations, and learn about the additional features in this section.

The reels in Wild Joker Stacks can be adjusted. By tapping the grid icon (the three lines near the top right of the screen), you can change their size up to 5×5. 

In addition, wild symbols have a multiplier that starts at x2, but it can be changed as well. To adjust the multiplier up to a maximum of x4, press the wild icon at the bottom right of the grid.

To change the size of your stake, use the “total bet” box. On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll find Autoplay. You can set autospins to a greater number than the average 500, but you’ll have to keep an eye on your balance because there are no loss/win limitations.

To begin playing, set your budget and press the spin button. Always keep in mind that Wild Joker Stacks should be played carefully.

3. Bet and Win Sizes

Wild Joker Stacks has a minimum bet amount of 0.40 and a maximum bet size of 500. For x5 connected symbols, the maximum possible win is x100. Let’s look at the top payouts for x5 related symbols in more detail.

Bonuses are multiplied by five diamonds, for a total of x100.

  • x8 if you have five lucky sevens
  • x6 Equals five golden bells
  • x4 Equals five lemons
  • x4 = 5 strawberries
  • x2.4 = five triple bars
  • x2.4 = five double bars
  • x2.4 = five single bars

Connecta Ways has a huge 259 ways to win, with a top prize of x28,200.

If we were ever concerned that online slots were getting boring, Wild Joker Stacks disproved our fears. It’s jam-packed with fascinating new features, and we have to applaud Boomerang Studios for taking so many risks that have all paid off!

This slot’s customizability was a big plus for us. Changing the grid size and multipliers provides the user complete control over their experience, ensuring that each playthrough is unique. Then, that is our Wild Joker Stacks slot review 2021 that you can find out. 

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