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Red Hot Tamales Slot Review: RTP 95.83% (IGT)

Red Hot Tamales slot review
Red Hot Tamales slot review

Are you searching for the Red Hot Tamales slot review? This game is a brand IGT slot machine with an older setup and design style. 

It appears to be inspired by Mexico’s fiery foods, but it also relies on classic symbols that have been modified for the occasion.

A Brief of Red Hot Tamales Slot Review

Red Hot Tamales has a lot more active lines than you’d expect from a three-reel slot, with 27 possible combinations in the game area. The Blackout Wins are what keep the slot interesting, as they can pay up to $100,000 in a single round (5,000x the line bet, only 180x total stake). 

Except for those Blackout Wins, there aren’t many features here, so fans of simple slot machines will find what they’re looking for. Despite the fact that it doesn’t provide much action, it has a long-term return of 95.83%. With a high RTP Maxwin and potential for big payouts, this game is worth checking out.

1. Wagering Range

The betting options are located in the middle section of the bottom row of options. You choose the total amount, which can be anywhere between $0.27 and $540. You will spend between $0.01 and $20 for each of the 27 lines that are available.

When it comes to top payouts, we’re not big fans of the game’s achievements. With a screen filled with matching symbols of the right type, you can win up to $100,000 in the most extreme case. Unfortunately, this equates to only an 185x total stake return, which is incredibly low.

On the plus side, this is a low-volatility slot gacor machine that pays out frequently, so you’re not taking a big risk when you play it. The disadvantage is that there is no big reward without risk, so you end up with a lot of variation. It’s the kind of game that suits a risk-averse player perfectly.

It’s also worth noting that the game has a 95.83% Return to Player. It’s not much, and it means you’ll have slightly lower odds of winning than with standard slots. However, because this is a long-term figure, your luck may vary.

2. Slot Features

A classic slot, such as Red Hot Tamales, does not have many features. Inside, however, there will be a wild symbol that can be used to create a variety of winning combinations. The Wilds will not be a part of a blackout victory.

The concept of Blackout Wins is what you get here as the main feature. It’s just that if you fill all reel positions with the same type of symbol, you get a blackout win, which is a larger prize than would otherwise be possible.

The Red 7s are used in one version of the Blackout Wins, while the Yellow 7s are used in the other. The most money is paid for a screen full of Red 7s.

3. Theme and Design

Because Red Hot Tamales is a Mexican-themed game, it relies on decorations and spicy/fire-themed images, though the actual icons that appear on the reels will be standard symbols. 

Several will be bar logos, while others will take the shape of various 7s in yellow, green, or red. In terms of classic theme application, it’s on the simple side, and while it does a good job of showcasing its Mexican side, it doesn’t look like a modern slot.

Final Words

In conclusion of Red Hot Tamales slot review, the game is a good IGT game if you like classics and low-volatility action, but it doesn’t offer enough to be a feasible option for many players.

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